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Anastrozole works by blocking the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. When we say that a steroid is aromatized, more precisely it is altered by this enzyme, which leads to the accumulation of estrogen in the body with side effects such as water retention, fattening and worst of all gynecomastia. In many cases during a steroid cycle, some people do not want estrogen to be too low in their body.

It increases strength and helps build muscle mass. That's why they choose antiestrogens like Nolvadex or Clomid. They do not stop the flavoring but prevent its side effects. Anastrozole, on the other hand, is useful for those who want to eliminate estrogen almost completely during a cycle in which aromatizing steroids are used. For those who want to limit themselves to slower muscle mass gains and who want to stay defined, for those who are sensitive to estrogen and do not want to take risks, Anastrozole is clearly the best solution, the only problem being the difficult accessibility to product and very high price. It can also reach prices of up to $ 250 on a box of 28 pills. But such prices are much exaggerated. Usually the price is $ 4-5 per tablet.

In our country, the price in the pharmacy is around 300 RON. The high price does not come from the production costs but from the fact that Anastrozole is patented, which means that besides the original Anastrozole, the other products are generic, which can mean lower concentrations per tablet, lower or no effects. So be very careful when buying this product.

Anastrozole is used with easily flavored steroids. Being very strong doses between 1.5 and 1 mg are enough. Some say that 0.25 mg would be enough, but for someone who is on a serious steroid cycle, it would be good for the minimum dose to be 0.5 mg. It is best associated with steroids that contain: testosterone, nadrolone, methandrostenolone, boldenone and all their derivatives. Oxymetholone is also flavored but indirectly, so it is recommended to combine it with Nolvadex.

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