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DecaDurabolin is often used in combination with other steroids, such as Trenbolone, this is possible through the use of Dostinex, which allows these two anabolics to be used together [even at the same time] without worries about hormones. Decadurabolin also combines well with dianabol or testosterone in mass cycles, a combination also used by Arnold.

It is a progestin, made by removing a carbon atom from position 19. As a result, although it is a progestin, decadurabolin does not produce many pure estrogenic side effects, so decadurabolin has been a favorite in many cutting and loading cycles. a few decades. Deca has a very low rate of aromatization (metabolic conversion to estrogen by the aromatase enzyme), equal to 20% of the conversion rate of testosterone.

One of the really interesting properties of Deca Durabolin is its ability to improve collagen synthesis and bone mineral content, which is a huge help for athletes with connective tissue problems or other common problems. Also, probably because it is a progestin, it can have beneficial effects on the immune, anti-inflammatory process, so the joints are not a problem.

Deca Durabolin is one of the few steroids that has been used successfully in AIDS patients to stimulate weight gain, and this effect has been experienced in many athletes and bodybuilders as well. Decadurabolin is both a very nice steroid for cutting and loading cycles, although the shorter version as the ester, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (Durabolin), is a more popular version used in defining cycles.

This means that DecaDurabolin has a very long active life and is therefore usually used for a period of no less than ten weeks, and usually for 12 weeks. Regarding the doses in which it is administered, Deca generally has effects that depend on the dose used. This means that the more you take, the greater the anabolic effect. The optimal dosage ranges between 400-600 mg / week. It is believed that the best effect is obtained at a dose of 6 mg per kilogram.

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